About Us

Inspiring, teaching and empowering women and families
to overcome violence, crisis and poverty.  

Every year almost 100,000 women, men and children of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds are served by The Women’s Center.  They seek hope, emotional healing, solutions to family crises, and help finding a job or a path to a better life.  The serious problems they bring are devastating – rape and child sexual abuse, unemployment, wages too low to keep a family together, deep depression, and desperate situations created by family violence and poverty.

The Center works with these individuals to help them muster the power and courage to confront crisis, triumph over desperate situations, and build new skills and strategies that will improve their lives.  Today, The Women’s Center offers one of the most comprehensive rape crisis and victim services programs in the country, is a leader in employment programs for unemployed and underemployed people, and serves as a constant source of support for women and families in crisis and transition.

The Women’s Center has four major programs with an annual budget of $3.3 million:

These programs and services are made possible through the work of 55 staff, 400 volunteers, and a multitude of generous donors.  If you are interested in learning more about The Women’s Center, to volunteer, or have questions about a donation, please contact Chrisee Huffman, Director of Development:  chuffman@womenscentertc.org.