Teens TED Talk Tackles Depression
On the surface, Kevin Breel seemed like an exceptional high school student – smart, talented, athletic.  But under the smiles and the success, Kevin was hiding a dark secret.  Kevin suffers from depression. After contemplating suicide, Kevin realized that he had to reach out for help. Now, in an effort to erase the stigma associated with mental illness, Kevin is educating others about what it’s like to live with depression.  Read more.

 September 2013 Women’s Center Connections

August 2013 Women’s Center Connections

Volunteer Orientation September 7, 2013 – How a Survivor Survived

July 2013 Women’s Center Connections

Saluting SANE Nurses

During National Nurses Week this week, The Women’s Center honors Tarrant County’s SANE nurses (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners).  These “angels” are the epitome of patient support, responsible for not only preserving the dignity of the victim, but for collecting evidence that links the victim and the suspect.  Read more Talks To The Women’s Center about Rape Survivors

When the Steubenville, PA verdict was read, advocates were appalled at some of the media stories talking about the “promising teens whose lives are now ruined”.  What about the victim? The next day, contacted The Women’s Center.  Read more

 February 2013 Women’s Center Connections – Victory Over Violence
17th Annual Victory Over Violence Walk/Run is Saturday, April 13th.  

 One Billion Rising Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Fort Worth Water Gardens
1500 Commerce Street
5:00pm – 6:00pm 

Join The Women’s Center as Part of the Global Campaign – One Billion Rising – To Stop Violence against Women and Girls. Everyone is welcome! Kids Who Care, Women’s Center and local interest groups will be participating.  V-Day Fort Worth is organizing the local event.  Read more

Mental Health Program Recognized 50 Years Ago Today.   50 Years ago today, President Kennedy spoke to Congress about the state of Mental Health…the first time a President of the United States took specific cognizance of mental illness and mental retardation, and stated a national policy. Kennedy called for a bold new approach and emphasized the need to develop preventive programs. His statement contributed to meaningful change in the way Americans view mental health care in the United States.

January 2013 “Women’s Center Connections“:  Topics include volunteer orientation; gas cards needed.

December 2012 “Women’s Center Connectons“.  Topics include Helpline is Lifeline during holidays; give a gift of kindness; client families will receive Christmas presents; Victory Over Violence Walk/Run registration begins soon.

 November’s “Women’s Center Connections“.  Topics include research being done on our Play It Safe! child sexual abuse prevention program to prove its effectiveness in helping children stop the abuse; our partnership with The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever; The Women’s Center’s holiday program that helps our clients’ families; and great photos from the Men Who Love Women Monster Mash. 

Play It Safe! Research Project.  For almost 30 years, The Women’s Center has provided a free child sexual abuse prevention program in Tarrant County to children, ages 4-18, to help them reduce their risk of abuse and seek help. 

October’s “Women’s Center Connections” is out.  Topics include a free movie screening of “The Invisible War” about the epidemic of rape in the military; The Women’s Center’s employment program matching skilled employees to employers who cannot fill the jobs they have; and the Center’s staff winning an award for 100% of the staff attending intensive multicultural training.  

Acquaintance Rape Special Report.  Tim Madigan with the Star-Telegram has extensively researched acquaintance rape for the last eight months.  His 3-part Special Report discusses the impact of this devastating act of violence on victims, the motivations and actions of perpetrators, the complexity of investigating and prosecuting such cases, and the services of The Women’s Center and John Peter Smith Hospital in supporting survivors.  For Rape Crisis and Victim Services assistance, please call our Hotline: 817-927-2737. 

25.7% of Texas Children Live in Poverty.  The Center for Public Policy Priorities shared the 2012 National Kids Count Data Book and how Texas children fare, ages 0-17.  There is some great information and statistics on how Texas ranks versus other states when it comes to economic well being, education, health, and family and community.

 Rape Survivor Shares Her Story to Help Others.  Christi Cameron, a Rape Crisis volunteer advocate, shared her personal story of being raped with the Star-Telegram, to help sexual assault survivors know they can heal and recover.  Rape victim tells her story to give a voice to other victims    (Posted 6/12/2012)

Watch Christi’s video telling her story here.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Celebrates Milestones.  At the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner May 7, 2012, two volunteers celebrated their 20th Anniversary and one celebrated their 15th anniversary, volunteering with The Women’s Center. 

The Women’s Center began as a group of passionate volunteers, and each May, we recognize these people who continue to support our clients and programs.  Our volunteers provide emotional suport for sexual assault victims at local hospitals, problem-solve with clients through the Helpline, provide information and options to women and men in our free Legal Clinic, and teach necessary skills to those who are looking for employment.
(Posted 5/7/2012)

Cook Children’s homeless program wins state award.  Since 2007, Cook Children’s and The Women’s Center have worked with children who live in homeless shelters, with The Women’s Center providing case management for their emotional and physical needs, and Cook’s providing support for their health needs.  The Texas Hospital Association has named Cook Children’s Health Care System a winner of its 2011 Excellence in Community Service Award. The award recognizes this program to address the health needs of more than 1,000 homeless children in Tarrant County.  The Women’s Center is proud to be a partner with Cook’s on this innovative program.  Cook Children’s Homeless Initiative 
(Posted 2/1/2012)

One in two Texans do not have rainy day fund.  In Texas today, 27.7 percent of households are “asset poor,” meaning they have little or no financial cushion to rely on if unemployment or another emergency leads to a loss of income, according to a report released today by the national nonprofit Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED).  The Women’s Center offers financial education and coaching classes, thanks to the United Way Income Initiative.  Call 817-927-4050.
(Posted 2/1/2012)

What does poverty really mean?  A study by the Center for Public Policy Priorities takes a look at the federal guidelines and how poverty affects people in Texas.  Read the report to understand.  2011 Poverty Study   The Women’s Center strives to help people rise above poverty through our Employment Solutions programs.  (Posted 12/16/2011)