Employment Success Stories


A former minister for over 40 years, Paul came to Fort Worth with his wife, who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.  Needing to find work to help pay the medical bills, Paul knew it would be an uphill battle at his age of 74.  Rejected from 40 different jobs, he heard about The Women’s Center’s Jobs NOW! program and signed up. 

“All the job seekers in that class had their difficulties, doubts, discouragements and their own tale of how life had tumbled in.  But it was not long before the entire class was infected with optimism, enthusiasm and the beginnings of an ‘I-can-do-it’ outlook”. 

At The Women’s Center, Paul found a great job at a call center, where he has been for several months. 

“The Women’s Center lifts people up and points them away from despair to hope.”



HailaHaila moved to Fort Worth from Amarillo to find a better job.  She devoted 40 hours a week for a year and half to her effort with no results.  Then she began attending The Women’s Center’s Jobs NOW! Program. 

“I threw away my 20th century knowledge of job hunting and armed myself with the skills and information needed to become a 21st century job seeker”.

Haila found the first day of class to be an eye-opener, with every day full of new and useful information. 

“I practiced my 30-second commercial in the car, on my puppy dog, and with whoever I met … I still practice it in my new job because it helps me grow in my position.”

Haila also began attending the Counseling sessions offered to people looking for work. 

“It was amazing.  We were all in the same boat…afraid to network, to interview…and just really down because we didn’t have a job.  But we talked through our fears and learned to feel better about ourselves.”

When Haila put into practice what she learned in Jobs NOW!, she started getting interviews.  Today, she works fulltime for a local non-profit in an Early Childhood Intervention program…a job that is better than she ever dreamed.

“I consider the two weeks I spent at The Women’s Center crucial to my success.  It made me not only a better job candidate; it made me a better person”. 



Yolanda had been referring friends to the Jobs NOW! program at The Women’s Center for years.    When her own job ended without warning after 13 years, she decided to take her advice and attend the class.   She was 60 years old, single and afraid to start over.    Yolanda was amazed to learn so many ways to find job leads.  The practice interviewing, learning how to sell herself to employers and being with others going through the same challenges helped encourage her.

 “The Jobs NOW! seminar reinforced my belief in myself.  It taught me  that I had something to offer an employer.  I learned to be persistent…and I learned it’s OK to be 60 years old and looking for a job.”

Yolanda also learned to refocus her job search on a field she loved…and realized she would love working with children.  She looked around her own neighborhood and found openings at several schools.  She is now successfully employed at a Pre-K school and is very happy with her new position. 

“The Women’s Center taught me to be creative and persistent in my job search…and to think beyond what I would normally have considered.  Thank you!”



Divorced and lonely, Irma moved to Fort Worth from Louisiana to be close to her son.  Retired from her previous job after 28 years, she had gone back to school and received her Masters degree.  She thought she would easily find a job in her new hometown, but she ended up on an assembly line at a factory.

Then Irma saw an ad for Jobs NOW at The Women’s Center. 

“It was an eye-opener for me.  The classes really shed a light on how to apply and get a job.”

A local college was so impressed with Irma, that they hired her for a new position in student career services, where she has been for over a year.

“Knowledge is power.  I recommend to my students to attend The Women’s Center’s Jobs NOW program.”



Anna was the manager of a convenience store for 15 years when she was terminated because of layoffs.  Out of work for months, she became depressed, with no confidence at all.  She enrolled in GED classes, and eventually discovered the Jobs NOW program.

The role-playing in class was a huge help.  The Women’s Center gave me lots of information to help me with my resume, how to apply for a position…even the Thank You letter.  It all made a difference”.

Anna got a job as a medical records clerk.  She is continuing her GED classes, and hopes to eventually become a Medical Records technician.



Searching for a job is often difficult even under the best of circumstances, but more so when you have been out of the labor market for several years. That’s exactly what Sheila discovered when she decided to go back to work after being a stay-at-home Mom.  Sheila had work experience, employed 16 years for a company in Boston, but when her family moved to Texas she chose to stay at home with the children.  When she decided to return to work, Sheila was worried.  She didn’t know how to handle herself in an interview and was concerned that employers would be reluctant to hire someone in her mid-40’s.  Then one day, she heard someone talking about the Jobs NOW program at The Women’s Center.  She called to learn more about the program and immediately signed up.

 “The program worked!  I was able to overcome my fear in presenting myself.  The mock interviews were very helpful. I learned how to organize my skills on my resume and how to convey my skills to an employer.

Sheila gained confidence and knowledge.  After completing the course, she interviewed with a local non-profit.  Her employers were so impressed that they could not decide which of three positions to give her.  Sheila has been employed for 12 consecutive months.  She is a different person than she was when she went to The Women’s Center a year ago.

The Women’s Center gave me confidence.  In Jobs Now I learned to promote myself. I began to believe I could do it, and I did!