Helpline is Lifeline During Holidays – 817-927-4000

How many times do we hear someone say: “The holidays are just so stressful!”  For some people, coping with holiday stress is a conscious effort, always being mindful to take a deep breath and understand that everyone else is also stressed.  We have listed some stress reducers below. 

But for some people, especially those already in crisis, the holidays can be a major source of instability and uncertainty.  The Women’s Center’s Information and Referral Helpline is the first call many people make to get advice, find resources, and help them to overcome crisis in their lives.  Volunteers answer the Helpline for callers looking for a social service agency that can help them in these uncertain times.  Typical calls are financial needs, where can their children receive toy donations, help finding a job, grief counseling or referrals for childcare…and many other types of calls. 

If you know someone who is in crisis and needs a referral for help, have them call our Helpline at 817-927-4000.  Open 9am – 5:15pm Monday thru Friday.

Stress Reducers to get through the holidays:
1.  Keep your expectations modest.
2.  Ask for help – but be specific.
3.  Don’t worry about things beyond your control.
4.  Stick to a budget
5.  Exercise
6.  Eat sensibly
7.  Stick to your normal routine as much as possible
8.  Take a deep breath
9.  Give yourself a break

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