Violence Prevention & Education

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The “Play It Safe!(TM)” prevention program:  a proven child sexual abuse prevention program for children 4-18 years of age that is presented to over 90,000 school-age children annually in public and/or private schools, youth organizations and religious groups.   Curriculum includes age-appropriates scripts, which were researched and written by The Women’s Center, and a DVD for each grade-level to speak to children in a language that can understand.  The program teaches children to recognize abuse, respond by getting to safety, and tell a trusted adult.  Middle and high school curriculum includes programs on subject matters including Sexual Harassment, Date Rape, Sexting, Cyber Bullying, etc.).  More information is available at or call 817-927-4039. 

Primary Prevention:  Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence is a program delivered in multiple sessions to children and adults.  It involves work aimed at stopping sexual violence before it occurs by engaging in strategic, long-term, comprehensive initiatives that address risk and protective factors related to perpetration, victimization, and bystander behaviors.  Primary Prevention focuses not only on the individuals, but also on the community and societal factors that increase the risk for sexual assault, and uses initiatives that focus on the good of the whole rather than on individuals.

  • Primary Prevention efforts work to modify and /or entirely eliminate the event, conditions, and situations, or exposure to risk factors associated with the initiation of violence and subsequent injuries, disabilities, and deaths.
  • Prevention efforts seek to identify and enhance protective factors that may prevent violence not only in at-risk populations, but also in the community at-large.
  • The “Every.Body.Counts” program is presented in an age appropriate context for middle school or high school students. This program is presented in a minimum of 7 weeks format, for sufficient dosage of the topics and in order to measure attitude and behavior shifts in the students.  Topics include:
    • Introduction to sexual violence
    • Oppression
    • Gender Stereotypes
    • Consent and Victim Blaming
    • Media Literacy-Teens, Boys, & Men
    • Media Literacy- Girls & Women
    • Victim Empathy & Bystander Intervention

For more information or scheduling call (817) 927-4039.

Professional Education and Technical Assistance: Training in sexual assault issues and victim management is provided for local police, prosecutors, medical personnel and mental health providers. Technical assistance is presented to assist people with expanding their knowledge about sexual assault topics such as providing information to media contacts, to students who are writing papers or giving presentations, and by mail to individuals when requested.

Adult Education: Adults are taught to recognize the signs of abuse and respond by helping children get to safety and reporting the abuse. These trainings are presented to adults at colleges and community organizations. 

Professional Education and Technical Assistance: Training in sexual assault issues and victim management is provided for local police, prosecutors, medical personnel and mental health providers.

Certification: The Women’s Center is a state approved provider of the “Sexual Abuse and Child Molestation Awareness Training and Examination Program” certification class that is in accordance with 25 TAC 265.12(g) through the Texas Department of State Health Services. The training is designed to educate adults who will be working with Texas youth campers but is relevant for any group that works with minors. Upon completion of the two hour class & successfully passing the test, certification is valid for 2 years. The Women’s Center offers this for free.

The training includes offender characteristics & the grooming process, possible signs of abuse, short & long term affects on survivors, how to respond to a disclosure and reporting requirements in Texas.

For professional or community groups desiring training on this topic but not seeking certification, we also offer a thorough but shorter one hour version.